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At Seraphim Escape we strive to adhere to all relevant health and safety practices, this is to ensure your safety and ours, and to create a good environment for everyone.


friends having fun

Seraphim Escape is a real-life, puzzle, adventure game! Immerse yourself in another world, and try to find your way out before your time is up!


free parking

Parking is FREE!
You can park in our carpark on Prasser Lane, or at the Coles carpark right next door.


team building activity

The objective isn't always to escape. Some times you might have to solve a murder mystery, or defuse a bomb, but escape rooms always involve team work and lots of fun!

Scared friends in the Executioner's Toolshed


Looking for something a little different? Something fun? Something exciting?

An escape room is a thrilling, themed, puzzle, adventure game, where you have to work together as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, and attempt to escape before your time runs out.


Our passionate and dedicated game masters love creating intimate, memorable, immersive experiences for people of all ages. 


santas cottage promo picture. can you escape


You found out you were on Santa's naughty list, so you broke into Santa's Cottage. Lucky for you - Santa checks his list twice for this very reason - he likes to give second chances. Can you complete his challenges to get yourself back on the nice list before your time runs out?

  • Level 3 difficulty

  • Family Friendly

  • Not scary

  • 2-6 people

The Executioner's Toolshed - Social.jpg


You wake up blindfolded and handcuffed in a room. The executioner has decided that you have sinned and it is time for you to pay. Can you solve his riddles before time runs out? Will you have time to escape his clutches forever?

  • Level 4 difficulty

  • Horror

  • Scariest Escape Room in Brisbane

  • 2-6 people

Atonement poster. can you escape


You have chosen to take on the Executioner in his hardest game yet! Work your way through the Seven Deadly Sins, learning the true value of the mistakes you've made​

Will you beat the main quest with enough time to confront the side quest, or leave Atonement with your morals intact. 

  • Level 5 difficulty

  • Thriller - no jump scares

  • Includes side quest

  • 2-7 people


team of three in santa's cottage

2-3 People

per person


Team of 4 in the executiner's toolshed

4-6 People

per person


team of 7 in atonement

7 People

per person


  • Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Children under 7 are free in Santa's Cottage. Minimum cost is $130.

  • 3 person minimum on Sundays. 4 person minimum on public holidays.


santa's cottage five star review


This place is great for families or friends who would love a get together, for families with young child highly recommended the Santa escape room as we did that today and it was fun and not to hard my son is 7 and he thought it was great. The staff is so friendly and makes you feel welcome as soon as step in the door. I would give this place a 10 out of 10. We also got the chance to have a look at the othet room all i can say they look great and mayby bit scary for young children. So my advice if your board or its raining why not head down to the escape room in Ipswich and have some fun.


executioner's toolshed five star review


Such an immersive experience!! By far the best escape room experiences around Brisbane, so good to have them in Ipswich. I don't think there's enough words to describe this experience. The atmosphere was set from the moment you get to the front door. I knew what to expect from previous experiences and understanding of the concept, however the delivery was absolutely out of this world! Highly recommend booking your experience today!!

atonement five star review


Seraphim Escape Rooms is a must-do for anyone living or visiting Ipswich, and a can't-miss for Escape Room Enthusiasts! We recently took on the Executioner's Toolshed room and had such a great time we booked in the following weekend for Atonement! Fantastic rooms, with brilliant theming, and a wide variety of puzzle types to get the brain working and the heart pumping! Atonement is now my favourite room of the 20+ I've done so far! Can't wait to come back with our nieces to take on Santa's Cottage and see what's in store next!



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