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At Seraphim Escape we strive to adhere to all relevant health and safety practices, this is to ensure your safety and ours, and to create a good environment for everyone.



Seraphim Escape is a real-life, puzzle, adventure game! Immerse yourself in another world, and try to find your way out before your time is up!



There is street parking for free after 5:30 pm on weekdays, and after 11:30 am on weekends.



The objective isn't always to escape. Some times you might have to solve a murder mystery, or defuse a bomb, but escape rooms always involve team work and lots of fun!


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An escape room is a puzzle, adventure game, where you go into a themed room, and work together as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, unlock locks and doors, and escape the room before your time runs out.

Family Friendly Escape Room

Santa's Cottage

You found out you were on Santa's naugty list, and broke into his house to change your fate... Lucky for you, Santa's always checks his list twice, as he likes to give second chances!

Can you complete the challenges to get yourself back on Santa's nice list?

Suitable for all ages!

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Santa's Cottage Pricing

Santa's Cottage is a 60 minute game. There must be at least one adult in the game if there are children under 13 playing.

2 People​ - $55 pp - $110 total

3 People - $45 pp - $135 total

4 People - $45 pp - $180 total

5 People - $45 pp - $225 total

6 People - $45 pp - $270 total

Children ages 7 and under are free.

Gift Vouchers

Want a fun and unique gift for a friend of loved one? 
An escape room gift voucher a fun and unique gift for anyone who loves adventure! 

Choose your own value, and give a memorable gift that they'll never forget!


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